Quality Systems & Controls

Product quality is one of the cornerstones of our success and is core to our product development. We pride ourselves on our quality and do our utmost to ensure complete compliance.
We have highly equipped quality lab with basic as well as customized measurement instruments for each product, we also have a thorough programme of exhaustive endurance tests, under extreme conditions, to safeguard our competitive position and our mutual reputations..

OCI is Certified to:

•  ISO 9001: 2015
•  IATF 16949:2016

As per customer requirements, we have been audited to:

•  VDA 6.3 (Class A)
• UL & BEAB Approved Products


2D Video measurement system, X300/ Y200mm, 3D Family make

Insulation resistance and high voltage tester, Gwintek make

3D measurement CMM machine, Spectra X500/ Y600/ Z400, Accurate make

Pull push force gauge, 0 to 500N capacity, Mecmesin make

Surface roughness tester, Ra 3.00µm, Mitutoyo make

Durometer, 0-90 Shore, BSE make

Vickers hardness tester, 0 to 1000N, FIE make

Crimp Micrograph tester, Elpac SK4000.


Otter Controls India is a Indo British Joint Venture Initiative towards bringing High Quality Engineering Products and Services to various Automotive & Non-Automotive Customers in India and Abroad.